Almost Great Grandma Dina’s chicken and kreplach soup!~~Culinary services perhaps? ~~I make it or bake it and you take it! I have many, many more sides, condiments, inbetweens, goodies,challahs,cupcakes and more.  Here are just a few:Hot & Sweet Moroccan Carrots/beet tops in garlic infude olive oil/sun dried tomato, olives, parmesan cheese, in brown rice, chickpea corn salsa, broiled salmonBaked Apples from Nana Joyce OBM’ Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Challahcranberries, raisins, tangerine zest and fennelSavory Challah~sun dried tomato~olives~rosemary~Hungarian Paprika~garlic pieces~ with sesame and flax seeds~~~~ALL YUM!!!My recipe for Yiddish Nopales (Cactus) Salad



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