African Art Publications

These are selected contributions to books and articles made by Norma Rosen which are seperate from publications in the Studio Arts.

Impermanent by Design

The Ephemeral in Africa’s Tradition-Based  Arts

By Christine Mullen Kreamer

pages 14-27

Spring/2010/African Arts/UCLA

Photograph and Caption /page 20 /Top Image

Art, Performance And Ritual in Benin City

By Charles Gore

Edinburgh University Press Ltd


for the International African Institute, London


ISBN 978 07486 3316 6 (hardback)

Notes page 208

References page 231

Shining Cloth: Dress and Adornment that Glitter

By Victoria Z. River

Thames and Hudson, N.Y.C.


ISBN 0500019517

Acknowledgments page 186

Bibliography and Sources page 181

Rosen, Norma, correspondence

With Victoria Rivers

May 1998

Wild Spirits Strong Medicine

African Art and the Wilderness

By Martha G. Anderson & Christine Mullen Kreamer

The Center for African Art


Photographs and Caption, Text Pages 27, 34, Top 39, 43, 62

Icons, Ideals and Power in the Art of Africa

Dr. Herbert M. Cole

The Smithsonian Institution


Listed in acknowledgements

Royal Art of Benin

The Pearls Collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

By Kate Ezra

The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Photograph Page 6

Divine Inspiration from Benin to Bahia

By Phyllis Galembo

Essays by Robert Farris Thompson, Joseph Nevadomsky, Norma Rosen, Zeca Ligero

Forward by David Byrne

University of New Mexico Press 1993

Olokun: Owner of Rivers and Seas

By John Mason

Yoruba Theological Archministry


Brooklyn, NY

Photographs: Fig 46, 87, 89, 90

Caption/Illustration: Fig 88

Ref: Page 72 the work of Norma Rosen

Notes: 169 page 94 invocation of Olokun

The Kingdom of Benin in West Africa

Heather Millar

Benchmark Books/Marshall Cavendish NY

Photographs: Pages 41, 44, 71


Articles by Norma Rosen

Wearable Coils:

Nigerian Hair Sculpture

Fiber Arts Magazine

July/August 1985

Pgs. 33-35

Traditional Uses of Pattern and Decoration in Olokun Worship

Benin Series

June 1986

Pgs. 34-40

A New Dimension in Benin Studies

Nigerian Review of Art, Culture, and History

Benin Series

June 1986

Practice and Agency in Mammy Wata worship in Southern Nigeria

Charles Gore and Joseph Nevadomsky

African Arts


Spring 1997

Pg. 65, fig. 6 (photo)

Chalk Iconography in Olokun worship

African Arts


May 1989

Pgs. 44-53

Articles About Norma Rosen

Rise Occasional Letter Register for

International Service in Education

Institute of International Education

United Nations

February 1984

The Initiation of a Priestess:

Performance and Imagery in Olokun Ritual

Joseph Nevadomsky with Norma Rosen

The Drama Review

Volume 32, Number 2(T 118) Summer 1988

The MIT Press

55 Hayward Street

Cambridge, Ma. 02142

African Traditional Religion

Norma Rosen Keeps Flag Flying in the USA

By Becky E. Obazee

Dispatch International

Benin City, Nigeria

August 1989

Pgs. 34-35


Benin Divination Groups

March 13- April 24 1988

University Art Museum

California State University Long Beach

Curated by Norma Rosen

Photo: Phyllis Galembo

Loaned Objects: Anthony Evbagharu Ogiemwanye

Madame Agbonavbre

Both chief priests and traditional healers


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