In classes, seminars and workshops, I have taught students pre-K-Grad Students. I also teach privately. Preparing for design school and need to sharpen your hand skills? Please be in contact. Looking to improve your skills sets or perhaps you would like to unleash your painterly abilities. I certainly can help. Homeschooling and need an artist? Please be in touch. Need a great creative stress release why not try creating from your hands and developing recycled treasures for your garden. Or you might see something that you might want to see more of or purchase. Need to improve your culinary creativity? I can also provide teacher trainings for school sites and art centers. Need coaching with writing or perhaps technical writing I can provide excellent services. Need an artist or design services for apparel and home furnishing?  Please contact me: or 562-427-6651 by phone. Small gifts, artcards and eyeglass leashes, I have!Origami Artcard Pack5″ x 7″ wood framed origami dress 3 Designs 2 ea. artcard 6 packThank You Artcard 6 packTree of Life~Tiferet~ArtcardTile, glass and shell stepping stones for the garden.Eyeglass Leash~ gemstone and glass beads


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