Zoomers-A-Z Hilarity

A to Z Hilarity

A to Z Hilarity grew out of a need of not finding enough inspiring and visually engaging material for bi-racial children.  Being the offspring of a marriage between a nice Jewish artist girl from Teaneck, New Jersey, and a traditional native doctor from Benin City, Nigeria is quite a parent combo for any kid.  (Meeting Dad while heading the textile and fashion program at the University of Benin.)  The children’s market is saturated with singular ethnic material.  Cartoon characters are Black, White, Latino or Asian.  Isn’t it time that children’s literature reflected this rich and mixed bowl of diverse flavorful soup that the USA has become. Finding material for multi-racial children is still a stretch and A-Z Hilarity offers something for everyone!

This unique alphabet book appeals to children of all ages through colorful images and wacky rhymes.  For pre-readers,or language learners, and even adults learning to read, the fanciful active characters, along with simple rhymes are very engaging.  The story appeals to everyone and all ethnic groups. Even those that are pet parents will love this book and enjoy reading out loud. 

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